1. The Interactive Representation Form. This is the easiest method.  You can complete online, save it, then email to the address provided.  Or you can print the form, complete by hand and send by post.  First, fill in your personal details. In section 2, write “AO1” in the Policy box at Q1.  You then have to tick some boxes at Q2-3.  Say whether you consider the Local Plan to be legally compliant, sound and whether it complies with the Duty to Co-operate.  If you agree it’s not sound, say that’s because it’s not positively prepared, effective, justified or consistent with national policy. Now add your thoughts at Q4. Head for our POLICY AO1 page and use the “statements to make in the Your Comments section”. Then answer Q5 using the “comments to make in the Changes Sought section”. We understand that Council officials will manually upload your comments onto the consultation portal. 
  2. Use the consultation portal yourself which can be found here:  Be warned!  It’s not very user-friendly.  But it’s the best method if you wish to comment on individual paragraphs in the TAO which starts at para 5.5.30.  You have to register first, then add your comments separately to each paragraph. Head for our Comments on paragraphs page for suggested statements. Don’t forget to also comment on Policy AO1 (see above). You may find it helpful to prepare your thoughts in a Word document before you start, as the portal can log you out!  Once you’ve finished your feedback on each paragraph, click ‘Complete Comment’. There is a ‘save draft’ facility.  Finally, review all your responses (you can edit if needed) then click ‘submit’. 
  3. SBC are encouraging everyone to use one of the two above methods.  But if you’re really short of time, just email your comments to – copy and paste whichever statements you agree with. Say your comments relate to Policy AO1.

Because SBC has undemocratically taken the Local Plan straight to Regulation 19 (the final publication stage) you can only comment on ‘soundness’ and ‘legal compliance’.  Hopefully the text on the next two pages will help you to frame your arguments on this basis. You can copy and paste the sentences you agree with directly into SBC’s representation form or consultation portal.  Alternatively, use them as a starting point for your own personal statement.

For further help or guidance on submitting your responses, email:

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